St. Timothy's Catholic Church is adding a Columbarium to its Hwy 55 St. Timothy cemetery location due to the increased demand for cremations.

The Columbarium is a five building, 647 niche structure, with an Ossuary. It consists of a center section featuring the Pietà as the main focal point. The area will also include an Altar and multiple bench seating areas.

St. Timothy’s Cemetery’s columbarium, constructed of granite, offers options for a double niche (for two urns, each containing the cremated remains of a person) or a single niche (containing the cremated remains of one person.)

St. Timothy’s Columbarium pricing is up to 45% less expensive than overall traditional burials costs.

Projections indicate that more than 70 percent of Minnesotan’s will be choosing cremation by the year 2030.

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For more information or a brochure, please contact the parish Sexton, Mike Raiche at 612-716-4526 or the Parish office at 320-963-3726.

Visit our CEMETERIES page for additional information about our Cemetery.

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