Announcing New Legacy Program

We are excited to announce St. Timothy’s Legacy Program!

Keeping the light of Christ burning strong at St. Timothy for generations to come.


Dear Parishioners,

For over 100 years people have been coming to St. Timothy to receive the sacraments, pray, worship, give thanks, and be strengthened and consoled by the Lord. There have been great moments of joy in weddings and baptisms; moments of tragedy and sorrow in funerals; and the daily moments of people living their faith, sacrificing for others, and being a living example of goodness to their families and to the community. Young, old, rich, and poor have entered the walls of our church to receive grace and strength from God.

Through the Great Depression, Second World War, turbulence of the 1960s, advance of new technology, and the modern world, St. Timothy has been a place of refuge and solace for people seeking comfort, hope, truth, and peace. The church stands, literally and figuratively, as a light and witness to our community.

Our ancestors, often coming from very humble backgrounds, sacrificed to ensure that there was a vibrant community here at St. Timothy. What a beautiful church they built. Later, they sacrificed further to provide a Catholic school for children. They never fully knew the great legacy they were leaving.

For the past 100 years, people like you have continued to give to make sure that we could continue our mission.

Now is a good time for us to think about our own legacy for the parish and the school — what we can do to make sure we pass on that same gift of our faith to our children and grandchildren. I know we would all like to see St. Timothy thrive for many years to come.

In this brochure, you will see some wonderful ways that you can pass on the torch and leave a legacy. Please seriously consider making a legacy gift to the parish and school. God bless all of you for your sacrifices already made and any sacrifices you can make in this way.

In Gratitude,
Father John Meyer


Please visit our Legacy Pages to learn more about the Legacy Program, our vision, our mission, and how you can support St. Timothy’s!

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