Year of Mercy Pilgrimage


Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great week.  I wanted to give one final reminder and one final push for our Year of Mercy Pilgrimage that is coming up on Wednesday, July 13th.  We have had a very good response so far, but I’d love to see as many people come as possible.  It should be a wonderful day of prayer, renewal, time spent with fellow parishioners, and experiencing God’s mercy anew.

We will leave Saint Timothy’s around 8:30 AM and travel to the Saint Paul Seminary, which is located right along the Mississippi River.  After being greeted by Msgr. Callaghan, we will have a tour.  After the tour, we will have adoration, benediction, and a time for confessions in Saint Mary’s chapel.  People can also walk the grounds of the seminary along the river.  There will be lunch provided at the seminary at 11:00.

At 11:30, we will travel as pilgrims to the Cathedral.  A pilgrim is a traveler who is on a journey to a holy place.  It comes from the Latin word for foreigner or stranger.  People would travel hundreds of miles in the ancient world to visit the Holy Land or pray at the tombs of the saints or other holy sites.  They would overcome many hardships and difficulties on their journey to reach their destination of prayer and grace and renewal.  It is also meant to be a symbol of how we are travelers and foreigners on this earth, as we journey towards our heavenly homeland.  With this in mind, those who are able to do so will walk the 4.5 miles along beautiful Summit Avenue towards the Cathedral.  There will be a bus available for those who are unable to make the walk or who would only like to do a portion of the walk.

We hope to arrive at the Cathedral around 1:00 where we will have a guided tour from the Cathedral staff.

At 2:00, we will have Mass at the Cathedral and pass through the “Holy Doors”.  Pope Francis has given a plenary indulgence to anyone who walks through these doors during the year of mercy, assuming they have gone to confession, received the Eucharist, prayed for the Pope, and are free from venial sin.  This means a complete cleansing of the soul.  It is an expression of God’s infinite and undeserved, unconditional love.

There will be some additional time for prayer until we leave at 4:00 to return home.  When we arrive, there will be an optional dinner at Madigan’s here in town to celebrate and enjoy a nice time together.

The fee for the pilgrimage is $40 and includes transportation, lunch, beverages, snacks, and all tips and fees, except for the optional dinner at Madigans.

You can find the form to register at the exits of the church or by clicking here.  Space is limited and it is possible that the bus may fill.

Invite your friends and family, and we’ll see you on Wednesday.

Let’s continue to pray for each other as a parish and strive to show God’s merciful love to all.

Father Meyer



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