What’s New on Wednesday


I hope you’re having a great week.  Here’s what’s new:

  • Our attention today is focused on our wonderful school, as we have an open house from 5:00-7:00 P.M.  There will be a sloppy joe dinner provided.  It will be great to have the children and families back in the school tonight, as the students start classes next week.  It always brings such great life and enthusiasm to parish life.  Stop by tonight.  You can also see the drawings for the addition project and check out the new preschool room.
  • Shortly, I’ll be going to the seminary in Saint Paul to have a luncheon with the teaching parish supervisors and to receive additional information about the upcoming year for Bobby, our seminarian.  It was good to have Bryce, Bobby’s classmate, here for the summer, and it will be good to have Bobby back.  Bobby was back in his own diocese of Rockford, Illinois working at a parish for the summer but will be arriving back at Saint Timothy’s in mid-September.
  • Speaking of seminarians, I’m sure many of you know that we now have three seminarians from Saint Timothy’s Parish.  It’s a great testament to your faith and vitality as a parish.  Deacon Matthew Northenscold will be ordained a priest this spring.  Brother Aaron Loch will be ordained a deacon and priest in the upcoming year as well.  Cullen Gallagher just entered seminary in Winona.  If he continues to discern that God is calling him to be a priest, he will likely have four years of philosophy and general college education and then four years of theological training.  Please keep our seminarians in your prayers and continue to pray for more seminarians and consecrated men and women.  As I said at the end of Mass one day, I hope that, if God wills it, we will have a whole wing at the seminary one day, since there is a great deal of “fertile soil” in the parish and family life here.
  • As important as priesthood and consecrated men and women are – and I think it’s important to focus on the possibility of priesthood since most people naturally just assume or discern marriage and recognize its beauty without sometimes even considering other vocations – we will be focusing in a special way as a Church on family life this month.  The Holy Father’s visit is 20 days away where he will speak at the World Meeting of Families.  We will say a special prayer for families at the end of the prayers of the faithful at each weekend Mass.  Don’t forget to sign up for “Familia” too.  It is a great opportunity to grow in your marriage and family life and reflect on what the Church has to say to you as a husband and father and wife and mother.  The family truly is the foundation of society and it is where so much of our faith life happens.  If we have strong and loving families, everything flows from there.  Familia is a great way to grow in your faith and find God in the joys and struggles of your family life and it’s also a great way to form life-long friendships.
  • Registration forms for faith formation are available on the parish website and in the back of church.
  • Thank you for continuing to sell the raffle tickets for the fall festival and for helping in various ways.  It helps our parish thrive and ultimately helps the love and mercy of God touch many lives.
  • The Holy Father made some headlines yesterday with his letter on the Year of Mercy.  One of the things he wants to do to emphasize God’s mercy is to allow any priest to forgive abortions in the confessional.  I mention this because it made some headlines in the news.  As a point of clarification, this is already the case in the United States.  The bishops of our country have allowed any priest to forgive the sin of abortion in most cases.  In other parts of the world, however, the ability to forgive this sin is reserved to the bishop.  As a way of emphasizing God’s mercy, the Pope wants every priest throughout the world to be able to forgive this sin.  There are, of course, many other aspects to the year of mercy, but I thought it might be helpful to clarify this point since it’s in the headlines.

May God bless the rest of your week.

Father Meyer

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