What Would You Say to Someone Who is Considering Coming to Our School?


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Once again, during this Catholic Schools Week, I thought it would be good to continue to feature the responses to the survey that we asked our own parents and others to take last year. Here are responses to the question of, “What would you say to someone who is considering coming to our school?”

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Father Meyer

  • Great, small class sizes and feels like a family.
  • The school has a caring staff that really wants to help kids learn and grow in all areas.
  • I would tell them to give it a try and they will be happy they did. Their child/ren will grow in faith and academics for life. Children today need a strong Catholic background and there is so much available as a Catholic.
  • Excellent school for receiving a great education that is Christ-centered.
  • I would encourage them and tell them it is a great school. I would tell them that not only did I go and graduate, but I am sending my children there as well.
  • Do it! Small town feel, everyone knows each other, strong Catholic values-all supported by the church and Perpetual Adoration.
  • Come and check out Saint Timothy’s! It has a warm, family spirit, and our Catholic Faith is lived – even having Eucharistic adoration at the close of each quarter!
  • It is the best investment they can make.
  • If you are looking for excellent schooling for your child/ren, where the love of God and the Catholic faith shines…you will find it at Saint Timothy’s.
  • It is a very welcoming environment for your kids.
  • Just do it! It’s worth every penny and every obstacle.
  • I would say, “Everyone including teachers, staff, students and parents welcome new families whether the student is just starting out in pre school or kindergarten, or an older grade of 1st through 8th. The students and teachers are so excited when a new student joins their grade!
  • That besides the faith being central to everything in the school, the education is also excellent. The children learn how to learn not just what is on a test.
  • Highly recommend!!!
  • Saint Timothy’s School has been such a positive change for my family. My husband and I have been witness to the improvements in our children’s academics, as well as their self-esteem. Through these positive changes, we also feel the benefits to our family life as a whole. Saint Timothy’s School is a perfect choice to build a successful foundation of education, faith, and love that children need to succeed.
  • The teachers and staff are very dedicated. Saint Timothy’s is a community all in its own, where everyone is growing every day spiritually and academically.
  • It is great and very inexpensive.
  • Just do it. Saint Timothy’s is committed to teach our children in a faith filled setting. They have all the aspects of a typical school, and can also offer prayer every day. It is a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow.
  • You will never regret it! You are giving a great gift to your child and helping them form a solid foundation that they will use the rest of their life!
  • I would tell them that they should come here and have their child experience a loving, Catholic-based education.
  • 10 Stars. I would encourage someone to attend if someone is looking for a better, more caring place.
  • This is a great place to learn with God as our focus and the small class size to provide an environment for the person learning that each student needs.
  • If you are looking for a school that offers small class sizes, strong academics, dedicated teachers, a supportive parish family, and above all a deep faith enriched environment, then this is the place for you!
  • Saint Timothy’s Catholic School has an environment that you feel great about leaving your children in.
  • Small classes, feels like one big family.
  • I would say, if your faith is important to you and you want your children to remain Catholic as adults, Catholic education is a necessity.
  • I tell them that even though my kids have graduated from Saint Timothy’s, I love it so much. It’s a great place to raise your kids.
  • Class sizes are small. Most of the teachers seem to give their best to our kids. Fr. Meyer is a presence in the school. He calls the kids by name.
  • “Try it, you’ll like it!” Small class sizes, very dedicated teachers and staff. Good communication between school and home.
  • That this is more than just a school, it’s a close knit faith family who cares for each other.
  • Do it. You won’t regret it.
  • It is a SOLID Catholic school. Your kids won’t be taught funky theology.
  • Come and visit us! Stop in a classroom during Math and be impressed with our students grasp of numbers. Stop in during Religion and observe students who love talking about and learning about their faith. Stop in during Phy. Ed. And be amazed at the rigor, sportsmanship, and excitement during gym time. Most important, ask about our Reading curriculum and ask how we inspire a love for literature. But finally, visit.
  • Besides the fact that the Catholic faith is intertwined in many ways each day, the staff is very welcoming and there is a “one big family” feel to the school.
  • The same. The staff is amazing and how they are helping my son.
  • You won’t be sorry. Your child will receive a great education and will experience our faith in a way that is not possible at another school.
  • You couldn’t pick a better school for your children. They not only will get a great education but it’s a great place for them to learn about their faith and have wonderful people who will teach them and guide them down the right path.
  • It has all the qualities that should exist in a community where children experience education.
  • Affordable tuition. Quality education. Generous community. Saint Timothy’s is SO MUCH more than just a school. What children learn there is so much more than just an education. They learn the way, the truth, and the life in Christ Jesus.
  • Please send your kids to Saint Timothy’s. You and your children will be so blessed! The school is amazing and always looking for ways to improve.
  • You can’t do better in this area, especially if you want a child to be in a Catholic school.
  • Great teachers with smaller class sizes plus good lunches!
  • Your child will thrive! Socially and spiritually with all the knowledge and faith that the school has to offer, with the theme of family in our faith community is shows through other families, the parish, teachers, and principal. I feel that my son has grown so much as a person in his faith and in the way he treats others and values himself and that to me is priceless. It gives you the best feeling knowing that your child is safe, happy, and getting the best education they can. So why not, you can see a difference almost immediately.
  • If you want your child to learn core curriculum well and be steeped in Catholic teaching, I invite you to consider Saint TImothy’s – one of the top Catholic grade schools in the Archdiocese.
  • Absolutely you should.
  • Do it!
  • Please consider it! The teachers are wonderful and it’s a great environment. It’s a great opportunity and experience for children at such different ages that need their Catholic faith enriched and strengthened to form a solid base for their future.
  • It is a family that is an extension of your’s. Many other good families send their kids as well so you are confident in the friends they will make.
  • Come and check it out! Everyone is warm and welcoming and we love growing with new families.
  • The teachers are amazing. The curriculum is current and student friendly.
  • That every child is important and will be given the attention they need. That the education is wonderful but it is encircled by the faith, and to me that is so important, especially today when so many things are fighting to say faith doesn’t matter. That Jesus is on the cross in every room, that Mother Mary is in every room, that prayer is intertwined throughout the entire day, that our Parish Priest visits the students; these are all gifts that you can only receive at St. Timothy’s.

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