What do you love most about Saint Timothy’s School?

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What do you love most about Saint Timothy’s School?

First, Happy Easter to all.  I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and loved ones.  As I mentioned earlier, I would like to continue to focus on our school this year in a special way.  Hopefully, you’ve seen my earlier posts.  If not, here is one focusing on the importance of a Catholic education.  Here is another focusing on our parents’ and staff advice to people considering our school.  Finally, here is the first part of the responses to those who were asked what they loved most about our school.  Here are some additional responses to that question from our alumni, parents, and staff.  Some answers to our survey were short and to the point and others were longer.


I appreciate that staff members genuinely care about each other and the students.  I love that our Catholic faith is a part of daily life at Saint Timothy’s.


The family atmosphere in this school is something I have never experienced before.  I felt it my very first time I walked in.

The feeling of belonging to a family was a common theme from many.  Here some similar answers:

“The sense of family we provide.”

“It’s a small school that feels like family.”


I love the sense of family that you get when you are at Saint Timothy’s Catholic School.  Everyone is willing to help one another out!


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The staff.  They are all so helpful and friendly.  Someone is always available to answer your questions and they are all so good with our kids.  My boys love coming to school at St. Tims and I feel better knowing they are in a safe place and being well cared for and getting a great education.

Again, I look forward to sharing many more answers in the weeks ahead.  Thank you to all of you for your support of our school.  May God bless your week ahead and Happy Easter.

Father Meyer


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