What Do You Love Most About Saint Timothy’s Catholic School?


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I hope you’re having a great week.  As we continue to celebrate this Catholic Schools Week, I thought I would share the responses that we received from our survey of parents, students, and community members regarding our school.  It was clear that people love our school and the people there.  Today, I am sharing responses to the question of “What do you love most about Saint Timothy’s Catholic School?”

  • “The Catholic faith is enriched into every part of the day, not just religion class but prayer before school and prayer during lunch.  Our Catholic faith is in every class each day.”
  • From one of our students, “You can learn about Jesus Christ”
  • “The teachers and the centering around the true Catholic faith.”
  • “Saint Timothy’s provides an excellent academic education in the faithful Catholic tradition.  It’s a small school that feels like family!”
  • “Small class size. Family oriented.”
  •  “Quality education in a Catholic setting, the family atmosphere, great teachers and volunteers who really care about the students.”
  •  “That it is solid in the faith.”
  •  “The solid history of this school.”
  • “Christ-centered and my children feel loved by the staff.”
  •  “I like that religion and good moral values are taught here.”
  •  “The community Adoration chapel, Orthodoxy of those deeply involved in church/school activities. Teachers are able to take time and be involved with students because of small class sizes.”
  •  “I appreciate that staff members genuinely care about each other and the students. I love that our Catholic faith is a part of daily life at Saint Timothy’s.”
  •  “The connection between the parents and teachers.”
  •  “The wonderful and caring staff, the small class sizes, and its traditional Catholic identity.”
  •  “Small class sizes and faith education and formation. It is so important to learn and live by your faith from an early age.”
  •  “The teachers and the relationships they build with each student! I loved all my teachers and you can tell they really care about the students! And the education, all of high school was repeat for me because of St. Tims!”
  •  “That the school community seems like a small town in itself.”
  •  “The faith-filled, loving, family atmosphere.”
  •  “Saint Timothy’s School is a welcoming family. The staff is loving, kind, and dedicated. They invest their time and energy in all the children, not just their specific students. I love that my children see each other throughout the day, and they make friends at all grade levels. The older students are great helpers as well as positive examples. There is a sense of connection and involvement between all students. The class sizes makes me comfortable that the children are getting the attention they need to succeed, and the communication between school and parents is excellent. Lastly, it is a blessing to have such a warm environment where my children can learn and talk about God.”
  • “Small class sizes, great morals and values. All the kids growing spiritually.”
  • “Catholic-based education, small school, personal, close-knit community.”
  •  “I love the dedication to our students. The small classes give the opportunity to teachers and staff to really get to know the kids and work to their individual needs.”
  •  “That my children are in a Catholic faith-filled environment. They are encouraged to grow in their Catholic faith and work towards being a saint.”
  •  “I love the sense of family that you get when you are at Saint Timothy’s Catholic School. Everyone is willing to help one another out!”
  •  “Compassion, caring attitude and will work with you in the best way possible to solve things.”
  •  “Together as a school family we are able to start our day together in prayer. Whenever anything comes up we can stop at that very moment and pray for God’s guidance through the situation. We learn in God’s way.”
  •  “The sense of family we provide.”
  •  “The family atmosphere in this school is something I have never experienced before. I felt it my very first time I walked in.”
  •  “The staff and faculty of Saint Timothy’s Catholic School are well-rounded and loving educators.”
  •  “Faith my children learn and take with them each day.”
  •  “Saint Timothy’s Catholic School unifies our children’s faith at home with the same belief system at school. There is no confusion, undermining or disregard for our faith, which is the core of who we are.”
  •  “The Catholic Foundation and the dedication of the teachers.”
  •  “The basics of our Catholic faith is seen in the daily teachings and activities in the classrooms. The children know what is expected of them and are respected by the staff for good behavior. And they are taught how to respect others throughout the day.”
  •  “The staff!!! They’re awesome!”
  •  “Everything. It is a place where kids, faith, and family come first, with the side benefit of an excellent education. It is truly putting Jesus in the center. The teachers are all wonderful and truly love and care for the children.”
  •  “The teachers and staff are faithful to the Church.”
  •  “It is small things like watching a whole school of exuberant students racing around the playground at recess, when suddenly an ambulance is heard in the distance and immediately a hush comes over the school yard while quietly and collectively all the children begin praying a Hail Mary.”
  •  “I love that our Catholic faith is taught and incorporated in so many ways during the day.”
  •  “The staff is amazing and help in every way possible. Also the education my son is getting is making him excel.”
  •  “I love the close family feeling that is centered around our faith.”
  •  “The staff. They are all so helpful and friendly. Someone is always available to answer your questions and they are all so good with our kids. My boys love coming to school at St. Tims and I feel better knowing they are in a safe place and being well cared for and getting a great education.”
  •  “Small, friendly, organized, tradition.”
  •  “Accepting, nurturing, and authentically Catholic environment. Children are accepted and cherished as the uniquely-designed individuals God created them to be.”
  •  “I most love the true Catholic faith support at Saint Timothy’s school.”
  •  “Very faithfully Catholic, close-knit and warm, respectful, generous, great teachers and staff, close-knit, merciful, helpful.”
  •  “How much the kids enjoy going to school each day and are excited about seeing their teachers and sharing the day with them.”
  •  “That it is small enough that my son is know by all but big enough to make a difference. Also that every teacher does all they can to make sure each and every child is a success in not only school work but in life. And the wonderful values that we teach at home are enforced in school so they can get a firm foundation for when they are ready to go out into the world where there are so many distractions.”
  • “The love of Jesus Christ is the anchoring principle of the teachers here.”
  •  “Saint Timothy’s provides an excellent academic education in the faithful Catholic tradition. It’s a small school that feels like family.”
  •  “The teachers and the centering around the true Catholic faith.”
  •  “The Catholic faith is enriched into every part of the day. Not just religion class but prayer before school, prayer during lunch, and our Catholic faith in every class of each day.”
  •  “You can learn about Jesus Christ.”
  •  “How it has embraced my kids wholeheartedly and I can see them thriving at school. St. Tim’s also seems to do such a good job of integrating Catholic teachings into kids’ everyday lives.”
  •  “The faith that is instilled daily into everyday life. That is the number one reason my daughter is attending St. Timothy’s. She is surrounded by her faith everyday, Catholic teachings can be brought into every lesson in very real ways. As an Alumni I know that my education at St. Timothy’s formed me in very real ways. Lent was a perfect example. The Rice Bowl project taught me that as a Catholic I can help others who need help, but more importantly it gave us a reason to take a sincere look at other cultures and how they live. Then to take a look at our own lives and realize how very blessed we are, how much we have to Thank God for. This turn to this perspective every day. This is just one example too; I turn to so many of those lessons daily. To say I am excited to have my own children enter into that atmosphere of faith is an understatement! I am very thankful!”

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