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Hello everyone,

Are you looking for a way to help in the parish? While we are always looking for volunteers in every area and organization, below is a list of the most urgent needs right now. We are blessed to have many of you involved in many ways already. All of these activities, big and small, help us to fulfill our mission as a parish to lead many people to encounter God and to serve him in our world.

  • Fall Festival Volunteers.  The festival is on Sunday, September 24th.  I’m grateful to Karen Jude and Kelli Williams and Tony and Jamie Heying for helping to co-chair this year.  We have most of the event chairs filled now but are looking for volunteers to help serve at the booths and different activities.  The fall festival is a fun day for the whole family, as you know, and helps bring our parish and community together.  It is also the main fundraiser for our parish besides our weekly collections, which allows us to pay for our staff, our programs, our facility expenses, and more.  Any help, big or small, that you can offer is greatly appreciated.  See the bulletin for more information.
  • Youth Group.  We are in need of people who are willing to spend time at Open Youth Room from 3:00-7:00 PM on Wednesdays throughout the year, helping our youth director to supervise the youth and otherwise be of service.  These volunteers will need to have a background check and attend VIRTUS-training.  We are also looking for people to provide a meal on Wednesdays throughout the year.  We have many youth that attend after school and before their faith formation classes.  Having volunteers and meals, allows us to have this fun night and also help form our youth in the faith with a talk on the faith and spending time in a faithful environment.
  • Ushers.  We are in need of people who will help take up the collection at the Masses on the weekend and distribute bulletins after Mass.  You would simply need to come to Mass a little early and stay a little later, and the ushers are on a rotation.  Ushers do need to have a credit check because they are handling the money.  We are especially in need of ushers at the 4:30 PM Mass.
  • Funeral Sacristan.  We are in need of someone who would be willing to help set up for funeral Masses and help clean up afterwards.  We generally have about twenty or thirty funerals a year, and we have a rotation of funeral sacristans, so this person would generally only serve five or six times throughout the year.  They would need to be available on a weekday morning and at a relatively short notice, though there are others and substitutes available.  Training would be provided for the funeral sacristan so no experience with the sacristy or anything else is required.  This person serves behind the scenes unless they would also like to serve as a reader or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at th Masses as well.
  • Faith Formation Catechist.  This person would teach on Wednesday afternoons or evenings, depending on which position they would like.  These catechists or aides either teach or help teach the classes to our children on Wednesdays.  A teacher’s manual and workbooks are provided.  The catechist would work from the manual to pass on the faith to the next generation.  We are looking for a 1st Grade Aide, 6th Grade Catechist, 6th Grade Aide, 7th Grade Aide, and 9th grade Aides.  Please contact Andrew Zeisel at azeisel@churchofsttimothy.org for more information.

Again, we are in need of assistance and help in many areas of the parish and school, but these are the most pressing currently.  Please contact the parish office at 320-963-3726 or parishoffice@churchofsttimothy.org, if you are available to help or have questions on these positions.  Otherwise, you can contact me directly at frmeyer@churchofsttimothy.org.  Thank you again to so many of you who help and volunteer in our parish and school already.  Your generosity in time and service is a great help.  Thank you.


Father Meyer


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