Update on the Capital Campaign

Dear Parishioners,

Thank you again for your generous support of our capital campaign. It has been a huge blessing for our parish. It is great to see how we can do great things for the Lord when we come together in this way. I wanted to write an update on the campaign in general.

First, as you know, parishioners pledged to give $1,100,000 for the campaign’s projects. The redemption phase for this pledged total is a three year period. We are about halfway through this phase, and we have collected $735,000. Thank you. Many of you chose to pay your pledges upfront, which has helped us to be over halfway towards our pledged amount despite being only halfway through the three year period. Since we do not have adequate staffing to take on a capital campaign ourselves, we contracted an outside firm to assist us. They were a great help. The budgeted breakdown of our expenses for the campaign projects was:

School Addition – $400,000
Church Roof – $400,000
School Roof Replacements – $100,000
Contractor for Campaign – $100,000
Sound System – $70,000
Bat and Wasp Control – $30,000

These numbers were budgeted based on a preliminary study and bids for these different projects.

As you know, three of the campaign projects are now complete. In fact, they are the three most expensive projects. We have replaced the church roof, replaced the two side roofs of the school, and added the classrooms to the school. All of these projects look great and have been a blessing for our school and church. Thank you. Owing to the urgent need to avoid further leaks and interior damage and the need to give our students and staff more room in our school, we decided to move ahead with some of these projects before we had enough money collected from our pledged amount. The pledges that are now being collected are paying back the funds which we had to borrow.

Overall, the projects are coming at or below budget, which is great. The addition project was over budget, while the church roof project was under budget. We will likely not address the pest control for another year or two, as we wait for additional pledges to be fulfilled and as we address some more urgent needs around the church facilities such as tuckpointing and the interior damage to the brick. We are also waiting to see how the new church roof might have impacted the pests. In the short-term for our sound system, we have made some slight changes which we are hoping will be helpful before we need to replace the system entirely. We are trying to arrange for volunteers at each Mass to monitor the sound system as well.

Thank you again for your generous support to the campaign and thank you for your continued attention to fulfilling your pledges. Thank you so much.
Thanks again for your generous support for our parish.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Father Meyer

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