Tuesday with the Fourth Degree


Hello all,

I hope all is well, and I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather.  Here is what’s new around the parish and school:

  • Today is hot lunch day at the school, as we invite all family and relatives of the students to attend lunch with the children.  We look forward to welcoming many friends, family, and supporters of the school.  This is also an opportune moment to thank Margaret Paumen for all of her work in the kitchen.  She has done a fantastic job and makes excellent meals for our students.  Thank you to Sara Riviere for all of her help as Margaret’s assistant too.
  • This morning was a late start day for the students.  They will also have Thursday and Friday off this week.  It’s a tough life.  It was great to see all of the teachers and some of the school staff at Mass this morning with the late start.  We’re blessed with such great people at the school.
  • I’ll make a post dedicated just to the new preschool soon, but did you know that we have nine students in our three year old class and six in our four year old class?  We continue to hear from additional interested families too.  The new preschool is off to a great start.  Thank you to Mrs. Hennen for all of her great work.
  • The students are about $1,400 away from their goal for the Marathon.  They have until tomorrow morning to turn in pledges.  If they can raise that money, they will receive a lock-in.  You might have seen on the school’s Facebook page the reaction from the students last year when they met their goal.  If not, here’s the video.
  • We mailed in the registration forms that we have received so far for the Ireland trip yesterday.  We have 37 people already registered and more who have expressed interest.  If we reach 45 people, we’ll have to decide whether to add a second bus or cap it at 45, but it’s likely that we will have a 45 person maximum, so you will want to turn your registration forms in ASAP.  I look forward to the trip.  Thank you to Katie Jude for her work on this behind the scenes.
  • Tonight, we will welcome the fourth degree of the Knights of Columbus with Mass at 6:30 P.M.  All are invited and welcome to attend.  It will be a regular daily Mass.  The fourth degree will then have their dinner meeting in town after the Mass.  The fourth degree of the Knights of Columbus are the highest ranked Knights and the ones you see dressed for Mass at special occasions.  Thank you to the Knights for all of their great work for the parish.
  • Again, please pray for Camella Campbell who passed away recently.  Camella’s funeral will be tomorrow at 11:00.
  • Here’s my usual Tuesday reminder to plan ahead for Sunday by reading the upcoming readings here.
  • Please continue to pray for the synod of bishops gathered in Rome as they reflect upon the family.

Have a great day.  See you soon.

Father Meyer



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