Tuesday News and the Week Ahead


Hello all,

I hope all is well, and I hope you had a great Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day.  November is a great month to pray for all of our deceased friends, family, and fellow parishioners.  Since the earliest days, Christians have always prayed for the dead and honored the graves of their loved ones.  It is a great expression of our love to pray that God would lead the dead to that place of eternal rest and joy.  While we have our civic holidays where we remember the dead, the Church has always set aside All Souls Day and the month of November in a special way for this purpose.  As we drive by a cemetery, it can serve as a reminder for us to pray for those who are buried there.  Speaking of cemeteries, this is an opportune time to thank all of those who help make our cemeteries such well-maintained places of honor for our deceased parishioners and friends.  We are blessed with great workers, and we are blessed with your past and current generosity to the cemetery fund, which allows us to show our respect for the dead by caring for the cemeteries.  Thank you to our workers and thank you to all who help support the cemetery fund.

  • In general, it is a typical week here in the parish without many additional events or activities.  Last night, we had the CCW potluck and meeting, followed by the All Souls Day Mass.  The CCW thanked the parish and school staff in a special way last night.  Thank you to the CCW for a great meal and thank you to our wonderful staff that does so much for our parish and school.
  • Again, prepare early for Mass this weekend by praying with the readings here.
  • Speaking of the readings, the second half of today’s first reading from Saint Paul’s Letter to the Romans, beginning with “Let love be sincere” offers great material for prayer and an examination of conscience.  Perhaps, if we have a few extra minutes today, we can use that as our material for reflection.  Link to today’s readings here.
  • Thank you again for your support of the capital campaign and for your prayers in that way.  I was happy to announce that we were at $550,000 towards our goal this past weekend.  I will give the latest numbers at the Masses this weekend.  As a reminder, we are hoping to end the campaign in less than three weeks.  Almost all of you have expressed a general support for the campaign, for which I’m grateful, so now we just need people to return their pledges as soon as possible.  Thank you again.
  • Since people continue to ask, the directory’s proof is scheduled to ship today.  We will aim for a very quick turnaround and hope to the have the directories in your hands by Christmas.
  • Middle school students are invited to attend the first “Friday Night Live” of the year this Friday evening in the school.
  • Beyond that, it’s a typical day in the parish and school.  There will be Bible study this evening.

See you soon.

Father Meyer

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