The Wisdom of Second Graders


Hello All,

One of the greatest things about having a Catholic School is the daily interactions about faith that most people never know.  It’s great to hear the teachers or staff share some great stories after school about what happened with the children, often involving faith.  It’s often those small stories and experiences that show how great it is to have our Catholic school.  I’ve asked our teachers to pass along some of these stories when they can, especially as we focus on our school this year.  Here are two from Mrs. Krutzig in the second grade, one light-hearted and one more serious.

My second graders love Bible stories, but especially those that relate to the Eucharist. One day I read them the story of God providing manna in the desert and a student raised his hand and very seriously asked, “Mrs. Krutzig, why didnʼt God just send down hamburgers?”

I was speaking to the teachers after school one day and heard Mrs. Krutzig also share the following story, which I thought was great.  If only we could all have the faith and desire of our First Communicants to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

After my second graders made their First Communion they then became excited at the prospect of their first Thursday morning Mass when they would no longer cross their arms for a blessing at Communion time, but for the second time receive Jesus. On that Thursday after 1st Communion my students reverently and proudly went up to receive Holy Communion from Father, so I was surprised when one of my students returned to his pew looking so sad. He turned to me with tears in his eyes and whispered, “I forgot and crossed my arms when I went up to receive Communion and so Father didn’t give me the host.” Fortunately there was an easy solution.  I told him to go back in line, and this time he made sure his hands were folded prayerfully. So much for those who think 2nd graders aren’t mature enough to understand the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist!

Thank you again for your support of our school.  I hope all is well.


Father Meyer



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