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I hope all is well, and I hope we’re all able to enjoy the warm weather ahead.

One of the great blessings of our school here at Saint Timothy’s is our small, family feel.  When you send your child to our school, they and you become part of a larger family.  This is clear even in our classroom instruction.  Here is a story from our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sernett, explaining the picture above.

As teachers in a small school setting sometimes we are required to think outside of the box to help students in our classroom succeed. I have some students in my classroom who thrive when given social attention and love to work at their own pace. Sometimes that is difficult to accommodate on my own. In order to meet the learning needs of every student Ms. Richey and I teamed up. We wanted to give students in both of our classrooms another place to work if they understand what’s expected of them and want to work on their own.

On one occasion, I had a student who was sick and needed to be caught up on his work. I sent him to Ms. Richey’s room to work on his reading assignment with one of her students during their Daily 5 time. Upon walking into her classroom he let the students know that he must read the book to the whole class. Her wonderfully sweet class decided that it was important to give him the opportunity to let him teach them. They all gathered around the table and my student started to read the story to her entire class. As he was reading he made sure to ask comprehension questions along the way, “What do you think is going to happen on this page?” “What’s going on in this picture,” are a few questions he would ask them.

This is one of the many things I love about working at St. Timothy’s. The family atmosphere is so alive, you can see it in how the students truly care about one another. Also, being able to share our faith allows us the opportunity to foster traits in our students like honesty, compassion, generosity, and understanding.

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