Strategic Plan for the Year Ahead for the Parish


Hello all,

I hope you’re having a great weekend. As I’ve mentioned throughout the past year, the parish has been undergoing a strategic planning process. This was facilitated by a team from the Archdiocese and involved parish staff and a variety of parishioners of different backgrounds and experiences. There were three major meetings in the cities and three at the parish. During these meetings, we reviewed the parish’s demographics, financial history and projections, the needs of the parish, the survey results, and then discussed the best way to plan for the future. The plan given below was part of the results of those discussions and meetings.

Before communicating that plan, please note a few items. First, this plan only covers the first year. We will continue to meet and discuss the plan for the years ahead. This is just the beginning. We recognize that there are other needs that were left unaddressed. Second, on a related note, this plan is not comprehensive, even for the first year. There are a number of other small initiatives and improvements that will be made throughout the year that didn’t make the plan itself. We chose to focus on a few key initiatives, ambitious as they are for one year, rather than trying to “do it all”. Third, please note that the plan was developed after considering a number of factors, including the mission and vision of our parish. Ultimately, the parish is about fulfilling the mission that Jesus Christ has given to it. These concrete details and plans should be a means towards that end, and we can’t lose sight of our mission. While we tried to address most of the key feedback in the survey, you might wonder why certain items were not mentioned or left unaddressed. It may be because we had to focus on only a few key initiatives, it might be because they weren’t as central to our mission, or it might be because they will be addressed in the years ahead and those particular items weren’t as urgent. Finally, please note that in the weeks and months ahead, I will be communicating more extensively about each of these various items. I will try to explain each one in more detail and the reasons why these initiatives were chosen. As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Here are the major initiatives for the first year:

Year 1 Action Plan – 2014
Key Initiatives and Projects for Improvement

Long-term financial and facilities plan
Facility plan.
Financial plan.

Increase the quality and quantity of communication
Quarterly bulletin/newsletter mailing.
Update/revise website.
Communication between ministry groups. Parish Council to be formed. At Council meetings, individual ministry group updates will be standing agenda item. One of the first Council action items will be identifying communication best practices to be implemented.
Parish Staff meetings.

Continue Coffee & Donuts events.
Enhance new family welcoming program.
Recruit volunteer coordinator.

Outreach to the greater community
Recruit Coordinator for the homebound ministry: hospitals, nursing homes, communion runs.
Create a venue to find out what the needs are for the homebound, especially the sacramental needs.
Continue distribution of bulletins to the nursing homes and homebound parishioners.
Determine method to identify people who are homebound.

Education Ministries – strong academic program rooted in faith
Preschool – prepare for Fall 2015.
Increase relevant staff development through strong and relevant staff development plan aligned with goals and objectives of academic program.
Create and develop technology plan which includes infrastructure and acquisition plan.
Maintain strong Religion program in School.
Adult education. Create additional opportunities and/or communicate existing opportunities more effectively.
Explore interest & leadership for continuing formation for marriage and family life.
Explore interest & leadership for Preschool Sunday School program.

Update: After presenting the plan to the parish this morning, many people had questions regarding the roof and any repairs planned in that way.  It was not explicitly stated but that would fall under the “Facilities Plan” above.  We had a firm come to review all of our facilities, including the roof, and they will inform us soon what repairs or replacements are needed for all of our facilities, including the roof.  As you may or may not know, we have heard many different opinions on the cause of the leaks and the extent of the repairs that are needed.  We hope to have a clearer picture in early August.



Father Meyer

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