Staff Update


Hello all,

I write with an announcement regarding our parish staff.  Debbie Biegler, our director of faith formation, informed me that she will be retiring as our faith formation director, effective June 4th.  She will finish this academic year and then pass on the reins of a solid faith formation program, which she helped to strengthen and grow during her time, to someone else this summer.

Debbie has worked for the church for 23 years.  First, she served as the liturgist the for fifteen years and then the last eight as the director of religious education.  She has also taught RCIA, ushered, been an extraordinary minister, started the Easter Egg Scramble, and started the Giving Tree Distribution for Maple Lake.  Needless to say, she has done a lot and done it well.  She has offered a tireless example of joy, hard work, dedication, service, and genuine concern for others and their faith development.  I am grateful for all of her time and dedication to the parish, as she begins now to take more time to be with her family and others.  Please join me in thanking Debbie for all of her hard work and service to the parish in the weeks and months ahead.

Thankfully, there is some time before we will need to fill Debbie’s position, but please watch for updates in the near future, as we will eventually seek to fill her position.


Father Meyer

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