Speakers for our Forty Hours Devotion on Saturday, March 10th

Michelle Steele

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great week. As I announced earlier, we will be having a forty hours devotion once again at Saint Timothy’s on the weekend of March 9th-11th.  I look forward to sharing more details in the weeks ahead.  This should be a great opportunity during the season of Lent to come together as a parish, grow in our faith, and spend time in prayer.  Please mark your calendars and reserve that weekend as best as you’re able for a special time of prayer and retreat.

I mentioned earlier that we are blessed to have Msgr. Steven Rohlfs, a priest of the diocese of Peoria, preach the closing of that Forty Hours on Sunday, March 11th at 4:00.

Angie Jendro

We are also excited to welcome Michelle Steele and Angie Jendro to Saint Timothy’s on Saturday, March 10th to speak on prayer, fasting, and detachment.  They will give two talks that day.  One will focus on prayer and the different types of prayer, including vocal, meditative, and contemplative prayer.  If you want to grow deeper in your prayer life, try new ways of praying, get a refresher on what you already know, or if just never really learned about prayer beyond the basics, this should be an excellent talk.  The other talk will focus on fasting and detachment and those essential means of growing closer to the Lord.  These should both be excellent talks, especially in the season of Lent, to grow deeper in your spiritual life and drawing closer to Christ.  You will hear more about these talks in the weeks ahead, but Michelle and Angie and these talks have received great reviews elsewhere and we are excited to welcome them to Saint Timothy’s.

We will have more to announce about the schedule and other opportunities for prayer and growing in your faith that weekend, including the timing of these talks and a full schedule soon.  For now, we look forward to praying with all of you and taking special time that weekend to grow in our faith as a parish.  Please mark your calendars in a special way and perhaps you could treat this as a Lenten treat and make an early resolution in that way.  Please mark in your calendar in a special way for the closing on Sunday, March 11th at 4:00 PM.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Father Meyer


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