Preschool Update and Wednesday News

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Hello all,

I hope the week is going well.  I will devote the first half of this post to an update on our new preschool from Mrs. Lisa Hennen.  The rest of the post will focus on general parish news.

As you know, we decided to add a preschool to Saint Timothy’s this fall after much thought and discernment.  It has been such a blessing to have it.  Currently, we have nine students in the three year old class and six students in the four year old class.  We’re very happy with the response we’ve received so far.  Based on our current staff arrangement, we are likely to approach capacity for the three year old class by the end of the month and will need to make important decisions on staffing soon.  It’s great to have this problem in our first year.  Thank you to all those who helped donate items and supported our preschool.  Here’s some updates, based on information forwarded from Mrs. Hennen, on what the preschoolers have done so far in addition to their usual, daily activities:

  • One of the blessings of having a preschool in the Catholic school is that we can focus on faith-based activities and learning.  So far, the students have learned how they can “shine” for God.  They are practicing using their words to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and using their talents to help others.  They have also been talking about the Holy Family and their own families.
  • The preschool introduced the “St. Timothy’s Supermarket” into the dramatic play area and students have been working together and playing the various roles such as bagger, cashier, customer, manager, and practicing their writing skills in this area.
  • The four year olds have visited Apple Jack’s Orchard and the Maple Lake Fire Department. They have also made apple sauce.

These are, of course, just a few of the activities and highlights in the first month above and beyond the usual, daily learning and activities in an effort to keep this brief.  We’re excited to have the preschool in the school.  It’s fun to have them at lunch and around the school throughout the day.  Thank you for your support.  If you know of any interested families, we would love to speak with them so we can continue to grow this program.

Here are some other updates around the parish:

  •  There will be a funeral today for Camella Campbell.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
  • There are no faith formation classes tonight due to the MEA weekend.
  • Students were about $1,000 away from their Marathon goal as of last night.  They now have three hours to reach their goal and achieve their lock-in.
  • Capital campaign volunteers or I will be contacting you soon about making a pledge for the campaign.  We’re happy with the initial results and generosity of parishioners so far.  Thank you for your support.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You will be hearing from some of the lay leadership this weekend for the campaign.  With everyone’s support, we can fix our roof and support our church and school.

As always, there is much more happening, but there is a brief update.  See some of you at the football game tonight.

Father Meyer

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