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Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a good week.  There is a lot happening around the parish and school. Here is an update on a few of those items:

  • Work continues on the church roof.  The upper section of the roof is nearly finished, and the work will now move to the lower and side sections.  The rectory and chapel roofs are finished with the exception of a few finishing touches.
  • Work was also started on the school roof project on Tuesday.  This was part of our capital campaign project.  We will be replacing the flat roof around the school and the sloped roof on the eastern side of the school.  The flat roof has been leaking for the last year or two, and both roofs were identified as needing replacement around this timeline.  Thank you again so much for all of your generosity and support for the capital campaign projects.  It is a tremendous blessing and will allow us to keep our facilities strong for many years.
  • Owing to the urgent need of some of these projects and the repeated leaks, we are having to use money from our reserve and emergency fund temporarily to pay for the cost of some of these projects upfront until the capital campaign pledges are fulfilled over the three year time period when that fund will be replenished.  Thank you for your continued attention and support in fulfilling your pledges.
  • By the end of this month, we are hoping that the three major projects for the campaign will be completed.  The remaining two projects are the sound system and the control of the wasps and bats.  Those projects likely will not be completed for another year or two, as the pledged contributions continue to be fulfilled.  Thank you again.
  • As a reminder, please welcome Father Michael Kaluza from Mary Queen of Peace Parish in Rogers, Minnesota this weekend.  I will be celebrating the Masses and preaching at his parish, and he will be doing the same here.  He will speak on Eucharistic adoration.  Please prayerfully considering committing to an hour, if you are not already doing so.  If you are already committed, please consider inviting a family member or friend to do the same or share the joys of adoration with those around you.  I know you would agree with me that it is a great blessing to have that time of prayer and peace in the presence of Jesus Christ.  You can always take turns with a spouse, family member, or friend.  Also, even if you can only do one or two weeks a month, we would be happy to find someone to take the other weeks that you are unavailable. We would like as many people as possible to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist in this way, and it allows us to keep our chapel open all day, every day.
  • We also welcome Carol McBrady back to Saint Timothy’s this weekend.  It will be great to have her back.  She will be sharing an update on the latest news from Zambia where she helps to educate and support a great number of children in need.  Thank you for all of your support for her work.
  • Tonight there is a cemetery board meeting.  At these meetings, we discuss different questions on the policy, procedures, and upkeep needs of our cemeteries.  We are blessed with a great group of workers that maintain our cemeteries so well.  Thank you.

As always, there is much more happening around the parish, but there is a brief update.  I hope you have a good weekend.

Father Meyer


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