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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a good weekend.  I wanted to write with an update with some news around the parish.

First, as you know, the new arrangement between Saint Ignatius and Saint Timothy’s is underway.  While my schedule has pulled me personally away from Saint Timothy’s every weekend the past month or so, Father Andrew and I will generally alternate every other weekend.  I look forward to celebrating Mass once again at Saint Timothy’s in early August.  This arrangement should be a great blessing for both parishes as we learn from each other and share ideas and work together.

Second, many of you know Msgr. Callaghan, the rector of the Saint Paul Seminary.  He has been a frequent visitor to Saint Timothy’s over the past few years.  He has now become rector-emeritus and is transitioning into some new roles with the Archdiocese and the seminary.  With the new roles, Msgr. Callaghan plans to establish his residence at Saint Timothy’s.  While his duties with the Archdiocese and seminary might pull him away frequently from Saint Timothy’s, it is likely that you will see him around more often in the weeks and months ahead.  We are very blessed to have him and to welcome him to our parish in residence.

Also, I have asked Karrie Weber, who has served as the “business assistant” until this point to serve as “business administrator” for the parish.  While her duties will largely remain the same, this will give her a bit more authority to act and make day-to-day decisions, especially as my own time is divided between two parishes.  I am grateful for all of her great work, along with Laura, in the parish office.  We are blessed with such a great office staff at Saint Timothy’s and they do great work in two part-time roles.  We’re blessed to have them here and to have someone with Karrie’s background, expertise, faith, and work ethic to serve as our business administrator going forward.

One of the advantages of the new arrangement with Saint Ignatius is that we now have a Monday daily Mass in Annandale.  This is one of the few in the area.  Please consider coming to Mass at Saint Ignatius at 6:00 PM on Mondays.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a catechist or teacher’s aide for our Wednesday faith formation program.  We are looking for people to help in that way.  We also continue to need ushers.  Finally, plans have begun for the fall festival.  With August just around the corner, we could use your help in volunteering to help.  I am very grateful to Bill and Renae Neumann and Dan and Carol Tongen for agreeing to co-chair the festival.  The festival is always a great, fun day for the parish and an important source of funds to help us fulfill our mission.  Please consider volunteering and saying “Yes” when asked to chair an activity or help.

I hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.


Father Meyer


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