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Hello everyone,

There is a lot happening around the parish and school this time of the year, in addition to some special projects that are happening.  Here is the latest update:


  • I hope some of you have been able to drive by and see the progress on the church and rectory roof replacements.  The rectory roof should largely be completed within a day or two.  While anything can change, we are hoping to have the church and adoration chapel roofs entirely replaced by the end of October.  They are already making great progress in removing the slate tiles and laying the groundwork for the new roof.
  • Thank you once again to all who came to the fall festival, our great chairs, Chris and Shannon Paumen and John and Susie Peterson, our activity chairs, volunteers, donors, and more.  It was a good day.  Here is my full thank you.  We will have a full report available for you soon on the festival’s success.


  • Speaking of roofs, we will be replacing the two flat roofs of the school, a project which was also part of our capital campaign, in the middle of October.  The roof on the west side of the school has been leaking significantly for some time, and the sloped roof on the east side is due for a replacement.  As you may know, we replaced the roof over the gym two years ago. After this project is completed, we will have new roofs on every part of our facilities, which hopefully will last us for decades.  Again, thank you for your investment of resources in the future of our parish.  My hope is that many of our main facility needs will now be addressed for years to come.
  • This Saturday is our Saint Timothy’s School Marathon.  If you’re not aware, this is an event where the students of our school either bike for miles or, if they are younger, walk around the parish facilities and do an obstacle course, as a way to raise money for our school.  Your contributions allow us to maintain a reasonable tuition for our families, which ultimately helps lead many souls closer to Christ.  If you have not already done so, please consider pledging for our students.  You can continue to do so after Mass this weekend.


  • The new ALPHA courses begin this Sunday evening in the church basement.  Please call the parish office for more information.  Many people have remarked to me how ALPHA was instrumental in helping them grow in their faith.
  • Familia, a program dedicated to strengthening and supporting living marriage and family life, also begins this Sunday in the church basement conference room.  Contact the parish office for more information.
  • Want to get more out of Mass on Sunday?  Spend time with the readings ahead of time.  Here is a link to the readings for this Sunday.
  • Today is the feast of the Archangels.  We ask for the help of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael in a special way today.
  • Faith formation and youth group are off to a great start for the year.  We are looking for more parents or parishioners to volunteer to offer a meal for our Wednesday night youth group.  This is a great service to the parish.  Thank you for considering helping in this way.

As always, there is much more happening around the parish, but there is a brief update.  Let’s continue to pray for each other as a parish, especially those who might be suffering or struggling in any way.  I hope you have a great weekend.

Father Meyer


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