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Hello all,

I hope all is well.  While the day is busy in the parish and school, the “hard calendar” is relatively free until this evening.   Today is a special feast day relative to something you see hopefully every Sunday in church.  More on that below.  Here are some odds and ends around the parish:

  • We had the school Mass this morning for the children.  It was the fourth graders turn to do the readings.  As a reminder, a week from today, we’ll have a special concert after the morning Mass for the children featuring Tony Deblois.  His main concert will be on Wednesday evening, October 7th.  There is more information on that here.
  • Today is the feast day of one of the saints whose statue we have in the church, Saint Therese of Lisieux.  As you may know, she is the saint on the left-hand side of the sanctuary, holding a crucifix and flowers.  We have a vase of flowers at her feet today in her honor.  She lived and taught a powerful message of doing the little things with great love, trust, simplicity, and abandonment to God.  If you would like some great spiritual reading, I would recommend reading this work, The Way of Trust and Love – A Retreat Guided by Saint Therese of Lisieux.   It’s easy to read, relatively short, connects with many people, and uses Saint Therese’s insights to help us to grow in our peace, abandonment to God’s love, and trust.  I’ve linked to Amazon for convenience, but it would be all the better if you purchased it at Saint Patrick’s Books here in town.  Saint Therese advocates the “little way” of doing small things with great love.  She loved flowers and saw herself as the “little flower of Jesus”.  Saint Therese said that she wanted to “let fall a shower of roses” and spend her time in heaven doing good on earth.  Among other things, she teaches us how to suffer with love, humility, and joy, dying with grace at the young age of 24.  You can read more about her here.  She was declared a doctor of the Church by Saint John Paul II.
  • Thanks for your support of the school Marathon.  If you haven’t done so already, please turn in a pledge for this Saturday’s marathon.  You can still do so in this weekend’s collection too.  Please know that the parents and children and all of us greatly appreciate your support.  We couldn’t provide the Catholic education that we do without your help.
  • In a few days, the Holy Father and bishops from around the world will begin their discussions again about families and how the Church can best serve families and lead people to the Lord in our own modern day.  He has asked for our prayers for this synod and for him.  Please say an extra prayer for this intention today.
  • Speaking of families, please pray for Jake Allbee and Chelsey Erickson who will be married here this weekend and the three children who will be baptized on Sunday.
  • The readings this Sunday are also very pertinent to family life.  Prepare for Mass by reading them in advance.  Link here.
  • I will say more about this soon, but we just completed giving the award for the Father McLaughlin scholarship fund.  There is an increased need this year, as there has been for the past few years.  Thank you for your support for the fund in the past.  We really need some extra help for this fund this year and beyond so that we can continue to help families provide a Catholic education for their children.  We are committed never to turn away for financial reasons any family that would like a Catholic education for their child.  Thanks for your support.

I hope all is well.  Again, let’s pray for each other as a parish and especially be mindful of those who may be struggling or suffering in any way, mentally, physically, or spiritually.  God bless.

Father Meyer


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