Monday Mass Intention

Hello Everyone,

I hope your weekend is going well.  Once again, especially after a few days as maybe we start to settle into new routines and learn to adapt to new circumstances, my hope is these days ahead will be a time for us to focus rediscover the joy of those simpler things in life and the people in our life, and certainly having some time and opportunities to grow in our faith.

I thought I would try something new and offer one more opportunity to stay united in prayer.  Since there is not usually a public, parish Mass on Mondays, there is no parish intention for that Mass.  This past Thursday, I celebrated Mass for “all the intentions in the Saint Joseph’s Novena prayer box”.  This Monday, I thought I could offer Mass for any intentions that may be sent my way for that Mass.  I don’t know if I will only get one request or one hundred, but I want to be able to continue to offer prayers for your intentions and stay united in that way.  I will continue to pray for those intentions in the days ahead, as well, in my daily prayers.

If you would like me to include an intention in the Mass and in the days ahead, please email me at  If you could put PRAYER INTENTION or something similar in the subject line, that would be helpful so I can keep emails organized.  I will read all of the intentions though likely won’t be able to respond.  Please feel free, of course, to anonymize it by removing names or details that would indicate specific people or circumstances, though I won’t share anything publicly.

You can also respond to the Facebook post so that perhaps we can all pray for each other and different intentions as a parish.  However,  that obviously makes it more public so would, of course, encourage removing any private or personal details or anything that could lead to “gossip” in that public forum as we try to pray.

During this season of Lent and during this time when we can’t physically be present in the church together, it might be a good chance to consider signing up for the parish prayer chain and stay united in prayer in that way too.  The full details are below.  Again, let’s pray for each other.  I wanted to offer this opportunity to bring some of your special intentions at the Lord’s altar on Monday.  God bless. [Prayer chain information below.  Again, to be clear, this is different than the Mass on Monday.  Those intentions should be emailed to]

Father Meyer

To request prayers for someone or to join the prayer chain, please call Linda Northenscold at 963-3760, Joan Pawelk at 963-3393 or email Allison Gindele at or Ruth


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