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Hello all,

I hope all is well, and I hope you had a great weekend.  Here is an update of what is new in the parish and school this week.  As I mentioned before, I will likely post only one or two of these extensive blog posts during the week, now that life in the parish and school is in more of a routine, but have continued, short updates throughout the week on various news and an occasional post to highlight a particular organization or outreach in the parish.  Here is what is new and coming up this week:

  • Work began yesterday on the school addition project in a significant way.  We’ll post updates on the school or parish Facebook page as work progresses.  Please pray for favorable weather and the safety of all workers during this project.  Once I have more information and details, I will pass it along to you.
  • I was very pleased to announce this past weekend that we are now at over $650,000 towards our goal for the capital campaign.  Thank you so much for your generosity.  We are on a good and hopeful path to reach our goal.  We are hoping to end the campaign in two weeks, however, which means that we need people who have not yet returned their pledge cards to do so as soon as possible.  Your generosity and sacrifices for the Lord and for our parish are wonderful.  Thank you.  You will hear from our lay leadership for the campaign this upcoming weekend once again.  I’m grateful to all of the leadership and volunteers for the campaign for all of their hard work and dedication.
  • We hope to receive the proof copy for our directory in the days ahead so that we can approve it for printing.  It has yet to arrive.
  • This week is a week of feast days.  Yesterday was the feast of the dedication of Saint John Lateran in Rome, today is the Feast of Saint Leo the Great, tomorrow is Saint Martin of Tours, Thursday is Saint Josaphat, and Friday is Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini.  We ask for their prayers and intercession.
  • As always, prepare for this Sunday’s Mass by reading the Scriptures in advance.
  • There is a meeting for the Youth Core Team tonight at 5:30 P.M.
  • There is a Home and School meeting for parents and teachers tonight at 7:00 P.M. in the school to discuss how to further the mission of our great school.
  • Confessions will begin for the faith formation students this Wednesday.  Third and Seventh Graders will go to confession in preparation for Christmas.
  • I look forward to a special parish leadership meeting on Thursday.  The leadership of the various organizations in the parish and staff will attend.  It is an opportunity for everyone to know what is happening in the various groups and activities in the parish and school and to begin the discussion on ways we can continue to help and support each other.  Thanks to your generous sacrifices of time and resources, many great things are happening in the parish and school, and this is a way for us all to be aware of them and to continue the mission of Christ in our parish and school.
  • Please pray for Nicole Fuller and Ryan Hebl, who will be married here this Saturday at Saint Timothy’s.
  • Bobby, our teaching parish seminarian, will be coming to the parish this weekend.  It will be great to have him, as always.  This year, his focus is on administration and leadership.
  • It was a great time at Friday Night Live on Friday, the event for middle school aged youth.

As always, there is much more happening in the parish and school.  There are some of the highlights.  I hope your week has started well.  See you soon.

Father Meyer


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