Is a Catholic Education Worth It?


Hello everyone,

I hope you’re having a great week.  As you know, offering a Catholic education involves sacrifice.  Parents make sacrifices to send their children to Saint Timothy’s, the parish gives to help offset the tuition costs, teachers and staff sacrifice to work in a Catholic school environment, and parishioners and community members sacrifice in fundraising and support so that our children can have the option of attending a Catholic School.  Once again, in addition to the statistics that show the value of a Catholic education, I’d like to share what these sacrifices look like practically in their effects on our students’ lives in this year of focusing on our school.  The comments in the survey, the success of the education, and how it brings families closer to encountering the Lord, shows that all of these sacrifices are worth it and much more.  Thank you for all of your support.

Again, we asked our parents and others to respond to the question of “How has a Catholic education helped you, your family, or your children?”

Here are some answers.


“Having a Catholic education gave me a foundation that has helped me to know God’s presence in my life in difficult times and has helped me to keep my faith as an adult.”

“It has helped them to focus on what is important in life and have less distractions that the world would want to distract them with.”

“A Catholic education helps our family keep faith the main priority in our busy lives.”


“We know we are doing everything in our control to pass on our faith in a world that is hostile to it.”

“My sons have a rich faith life because our faith has been a daily part of our lives.  Not just a Sunday obligation.  Catholic school was one way we used to keep our faith a daily focus.”

“I like that faith and education are integrated.  It is so important for our children to learn that their faith is a 24/7 commitment and not just something we do on Sunday morning.”

“I love how everything comes back to faith – no matter what the situation is, they are always held accountable in the eyes of God, and their actions have to speak that.”

“It’s easier to talk about things of the faith when the groundwork has been laid at school, and definitely changes the questions and conversations about our faith in a positive way.”


“I am a product of 12 years of Catholic education, and I am so often amazed at how much I have retained from an education steeped in faith, self-discipline, and community service.”

“It has helped my husband and I maintain balance for ALL of our children while still instilling the Catholic values we hold and esteem as most important in their childhood and formation.”

“My grandson loves being at St. Tim’s.  His most common comment is “I like going to Saint Timothy’s because we can talk about God.”

Thank you again for all of your support for our school.  While the statistics definitely demonstrate clearly the academic success and strength of a Catholic education, it’s clear that our families appreciate how it has impacted their children and themselves in the most important matter of all, that sense of faith and morals and guidance that are so important in our world.  In the end, that’s the greatest gift we can pass along to our children.  Thank you again for all of your sacrifices and support.


Father Meyer



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