Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well. I look forward to coming together as a parish and praying in a special way this weekend before the Eucharist for our “Forty Hours” devotion. If you’re looking for a review of the schedule and some highlighted opportunities for prayer, yesterday’s post might be helpful.

Today, I am writing to highlight an opportunity on Saturday evening at 8:00 PM. At that time, we will dim the lights of the church, have additional candles, and have live, light, reflective, prayerful music played in the background. In between the songs, there will also be spiritual reflections to help inspire our prayer and focus our thoughts in a special way. I will be in the confessional during this time, among other times throughout the weekend, to hear confessions. Many of you experienced “Gethsemane” during Advent or Lent last year and found it helpful and powerful. It is an opportunity to pray before the Lord and meditate with the help of some background music and focused reflections. While it is great for everyone, it might be helpful too for those who might be new to adoration or wonder what they are supposed to do during an hour of quiet prayer or get distracted easily in their prayer. We can come together and pray during this time and either pray with our own conversations with the Lord or focus on the music and meditations from the saints or others.

I hope to see you there or at the other opportunities for prayer throughout the weekend. Feel free to stop by for just a few minutes or spend an hour or more with the Lord.

Again, I look forward to the opportunity for all of us to pray together this weekend before Jesus in the Eucharist. ┬áLet’s pray for each other as a parish during this weekend, especially those who are struggling.

Father Meyer

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