Friday and the Weekend Ahead at Saint Timothy’s


Hello all,

I hope all is well.  Once again, on the hard calendar, it’s a relatively quiet day and weekend ahead in the parish.  At the same time, it’s an extremely busy time of the year behind the scenes.

Here is a brief update today.

  • I just returned from the Lake Ridge Nursing Home in Buffalo where I celebrated a Mass at 9:30 A.M.  During the school year, the fifth graders come along with a parent driver, and the students help serve, read, and bring up the gifts.  It’s great for the students and great for the residents.  Father Meyers and I take turns celebrating Mass at the nursing homes in Buffalo on Friday mornings.  We are each usually there about twice a month.  Volunteers from Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Michael’s assist with bringing the residents to Mass and help distribute communion to those unable to attend.
  • Many of the priests from the local area will be gathering in Maple Lake today for lunch as we plan to help each other with confessions at the various retreats, confession services, and retreats throughout the year.
  • Have you read the readings for Sunday yet?  It’s a great way to prepare yourself for Mass and “get more” out of the Mass.  Click here.
  • Planning has begun in earnest for the school marathon.  You’ll hear more about that in the days and weeks ahead.
  • The first week of school continues to go well.  We’re blessed with good new staff to add to our already great staff.  I hope you saw the article in the Messenger about them recently.
  • Pope Francis had some great words today, as always.  Here’s a summary.  He reminds us that we should strive never to speak ill of others and to remember our own sins and failings before we judge.  Humility allows us to love.
  • We will bless all students at the Masses this weekend now that they have returned to school.
  • On Sunday, I will be visiting the home-bound of Maple Lake.  Others will go to the Annandale Care Center.  Volunteers take turns each Sunday visiting the people in Maple Lake and Annandale to bring them communion and visit with them.  Tuesdays, volunteers visit the people in Buffalo to do the same.  Please contact Karrie Weber or the parish office, if you know of someone who is home-bound, hospitalized, or in the nursing home that could use a visit.  We often do not know about every parishioner’s circumstance.  We would love to visit your friend, relative, or yourself, so please let us know.  I’m so grateful to all of our volunteers who take a few hours on a Sunday or a Tuesday to bring Christ in the Eucharist to our people and spend time visiting with them.  They live out the beatitudes and help bring the presence of Jesus to others.
  • There was a great turnout for VIRTUS last night.  Thank you to those who attended and thanks to Sheri Nichols for facilitating the training session.
  • (EDITED AND ADDED): The Knights of Columbus will be hosting a family picnic on Sunday afternoon in the city park.  A special note of thanks to the Knights for all that they do.

As always, there is much more to say, but there is a brief update on what’s new.  Maybe I will see some of you at the football game tonight.  Have a great weekend.

Father Meyer


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