Forty Hours with the Lord


Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a good week. I wanted to thank you all for coming to our Forty Hours Devotion this past weekend. I was so happy to see so many of you coming to pray and adore the Lord throughout the weekend. It was an especially powerful closing evening prayer with the Archbishop, and it was wonderful to see a full church to pray and to welcome our shepherd. It was good to see so many come to Living Stations and Msgr. Callaghan’s opening homily for the devotion too.  Thank you for your witness of faith throughout the weekend. It is a testimony that your faith and the faith of this parish is alive and very strong. I am hopeful that the weekend was a powerful opportunity for prayer and grace for you. I have heard from many of you already that it was a grace-filled weekend. I am writing here to express my gratitude first to you and then to all of those who had a strong role to play in making the weekend a reality and a success.  As you know, and as you can certainly see below, the weekend took a lot of people coming together in different ways so that we could have a weekend of prayer as a parish.  Thank you to everyone.


First, I’m so grateful to the parish advisory council, which consists of Angie Pribyl, the chair, Frank Sullivan, Kristi LaTour, Tracy Yanta, Paul Stokman, and Sean Deringer.  They did much of the work behind the scenes the past few months and then throughout the weekend to make sure that it was a great event.  They did most of the organizing, planning, and preparing.

I’m also very grateful for the work of Anne Pribyl, our parish musicians, and the choir for all of their work for the closing vespers with Archbishop Hebda.  The music was wonderful, and I have heard so many comments from all of you on how much you appreciated it.  They spent a lot of time practicing and preparing for Sunday.  I’m grateful for their time and for how they used their gifts to serve the Lord.

Thank you to the CCW under the leadership of Betty Thomes and Barb Manuel and to all of their helpers for hosting the reception on Sunday evening at the school.  It was great, and it was nice to see so many of you there.


I’m grateful to the school children for their singing at the closing vespers as well and for their parents in taking the time on a Sunday afternoon to bring their children.  It was great to have them there and it added a lot to the service.  I’m grateful to our fifth graders and once again to Mrs. Nowak and Mrs. Triplett for their work on the Living Stations which informally began our time on Friday night.

Thank you to Alison Totz and her crew in helping make sure the church was well decorated for adoration and a peaceful place of prayer throughout the weekend.

Thank you to all of those who led some of the prayer opportunities throughout the weekend too.  Again, it was great to see so many of you come to pray throughout the weekend, and I’m glad we had great musicians and faith-filled people to help us in our prayer.

Thank you to our servers who served so well and thank you to our sacristans who helped set everything up behind the scenes.

Finally, thank you to Peter and Anna Maria Jude who helped with some of the work behind the scenes too but I am especially grateful to them for all of their great dedication to the adoration chapel throughout the past many years and making sure that we have a place of prayer before the Eucharist 24/7 in Maple Lake.  They make many sacrifices to make sure that it happens, and I’m grateful and the parish is grateful.

Again, thanks to so many of you who came to pray.  Let’s continue to pray for each other as a parish and be mindful in a special way of those who are struggling and those who might need some extra prayers.


Father Meyer


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