Forty Hours: Saturday at Noon


Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well, and I hope to see you throughout this weekend as we spend time in prayer and adoration before the Lord in a special way. First, here is a general recap of some important details.

The full schedule for the weekend can be found here.

A general introduction to the weekend can be found here.  Here are some earlier posts, reviewing some key opportunities for prayer during the weekend.  Again, please see the schedule for the full list of prayer opportunities, suggested intentions for each hour, and more. These are just a few of the opportunities for prayer, which I have highlighted so far:

Friday, March 17th

7:00 PM – Living Stations of the Cross by our school children.   Our school children will act out the Stations of the Cross.

7:30 – Reception of light snacks and juice in the church basement, hosted by the Parish Advisory Council, who is doing much of the work in planning, coordinating, and hosting this event.

8:00 – Formal Opening of the Forty Hours with Msgr. Aloysius Callaghan.  The Eucharist will be moved from the chapel to the main church, followed by a homily by Msgr. Callaghan and opportunity for quiet prayer and adoration before the Eucharist.

9:00 – Rosary

10:00 – Divine Office: Night Prayer.  This post explains the liturgy of the hours, or the “Divine Office” in general, which we will pray throughout the weekend.  That post applies to any prayer that is labeled as “Divine Office”, including night prayer this Friday at 10:00 PM.

Saturday, March 18th

Please see the schedule and see below for the first highlighted opportunity on this day.

Sunday, March 19th

Please see the schedule and stay tuned in the days ahead for more information on those opportunities on Sunday.

4:00 PM – Closing of our Forty Hours Devotion with Archbishop Hebda.

5:00 PM – Reception in the school, hosted by the Council of Catholic Women.



Saturday, March 18th, 12:00 Noon

With that, I would like to speak about another opportunity for prayer and spiritual growth in a special way.  On Saturday, March 18th, at noon, we will begin the hour with Midday prayer from the Divine Office.  This generally takes about five minutes.  After Midday prayer, our “Praise and Worship” band will be playing music before the Lord, while I hear confessions.  For those who are unfamiliar, “Praise and Worship” music would be a bit more contemporary and similar to what you would hear on Christian music stations and would experience at youth retreats.  We are blessed with great musicians in our parish in general and with a great group of talented people who will come together to help us pray in this way.  This approach to prayer allows to praise the Lord in song in an exuberant, joyful way.  For many people, “Praise and Worship” allows them to enter into prayer or meditation in a different or new way, connecting with the Lord through music and our emotions with familiar, modern instruments.

Consider coming to adore the Lord in this way on Saturday.  Stop by for a few minutes or for the whole hour.  Again, I will also be available in the confessional to hear your confessions.

May God bless your week ahead, and I look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Father Meyer






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