Focusing on Eucharistic Adoration

Hello Everyone. As we celebrate Corpus Christi Sunday this weekend, I wanted to share that I hope to focus on Eucharistic Adoration in a special way this year, much like I tried to focus on the school last year. The parish advisory council is working to host a number of events and activities that will help promote Eucharistic Adoration in our parish and focus on what a blessing it has been for us. We are blessed to have a perpetual adoration chapel and the amount of people who pray there regularly in this parish is wonderful and inspiring. It has been a tremendous blessing and source of grace, vitality, and strength for our parish and its life for over fifteen years.

My hope is, alongside the parish advisory council and visiting speakers, to continue to highlight its importance, thank those who participate, speak about what adoration is for those who might not know, and encourage every parishioner to participate in this great opportunity for prayer. The “Forty Hours Devotion” was already part of this effort. We will have more activities and events in the months ahead to focus on Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. My hope is that every person who comes to Saint Timothy’s will participate in adoration in some way. While I would hope that many of you will be able to commit to a specific hour, which is a blessing for the parish, at the very least, I hope that everyone who comes to Mass here will visit the chapel when they can, even if just for a few minutes, because it’s such a grace for all of us who encounter Christ’s presence there. If you’re new to Eucharistic adoration or don’t know what it is, here is a site that introduces it to you.  You’ll be hearing testimonials from people and talks during Mass from people from all walks of life on this great treasure of our faith.  By having it constantly presented to us, my hope is that many people will respond by spending more time in our chapel and in prayer, which is one of the greatest things we can do for our parish and others.  Thank you to Peter and Anna Maria Jude for all of their work in organizing adoration and keeping it going strong in our parish.  God bless the rest of your week ahead.

Father Meyer

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