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Hello all,

I hope you had a great weekend.  One of the questions that sometimes comes up is what committees the parish has and who is on each committee.  In the months ahead, I hope to feature the different groups and organizations, their mission, their membership, and what they do.  We will then include an edited version of these descriptions on our website.  I did already feature the Council of Catholic Women in this way.  Last night, we had our finance council meeting so I figured this would be an opportune time to feature them.  We had a good meeting where we reviewed the capital campaign, discussed the various projects in the campaign, some imminent financial needs for the parish or school, talked about some of the questions that people had on the campaign and how to fulfill their pledges going forward, and then discussed the budget for this fiscal year.  We had a decline in our Sunday giving last year and our investment income, which caused us to be “in the red” for the first time in many years.  Thankfully, it appears Sunday giving has come back up this year to more normal contribution levels.  Expenses have increased, as they have almost every year, almost exclusively due to staff salary increases and trying to maintain a fair and competitive wage for our staff.  I hope to share more information on the finances in the near future.

The finance council consists of seven members, who are all appointed by the pastor.  Pictured above are Tonya Kaley, Deanna Lauer, Don Rachel, Wayne Triplett, Angie Pribyl, and Frank Sullivan.  Not pictured is Ryan Smail.  The chair, determined by appointment of the pastor, is Angie Pribyl.  At each meeting, the finance council reviews the check register and initials that they have seen it and reviewed it, so they are aware of any checks the parish is writing.  The general purpose of the finance council is to advise the pastor on matters of administration, facilities, and the finances of the parish.  Each member brings different areas of expertise to the council, and we are blessed to have them serve in this way.  Most finance council members also serve as a head counter on Sunday mornings, along with two other money counters who count the contributions.  Each finance council member has access to the financial statements of the church at any time and receives an electronic summary of our financial statements monthly.  The finance council is the only committee that every parish throughout the world is required to have by canon law.  Throughout the year, we discuss the budget, financials, parish projects, and how to further the mission of the parish, which requires material resources.  We meet at as a council about four times per year.

I’m grateful for their help and service in this way.

Thank you for your financial support of our parish and mission.  Thanks to your generosity, we are able to do the things that we do to bring the love and presence of Christ through our parish to others.


Father Meyer




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