Eucharistic Miracles of the World Exhibit


Hello Everyone,

As you may have heard, we will be having an exhibit on the Eucharistic Miracles of the World from March 31st – April 3rd here at Saint Timothy’s in the church basement.  The exhibit will run daily from 8:00 AM-8:00 PM daily during that time and admission will be free.

As you know, we believe that the Eucharist is the real body and blood Jesus Christ.  At Sunday Mass, we are receiving Jesus truly present in the Eucharist, even though it looks like ordinary bread and ordinary wine.  At different times and in different places, the Lord has made his presence known in a special way in the Eucharist through a miracle.  He generally asks for a response of faith but also knows that we occasionally might need some help and reminders.  This exhibit will focus on those times and places that God has given us those reminders of his true presence in the Eucharist.

One example of one of those “reminders” is the miracle at Lanciano.  A priest was doubting whether Jesus was truly present in the Eucharist that he celebrated.  During Mass, the host suddenly became visibly true flesh and the wine became visibly true blood.  Scientists have conducted tests on this miracle in Italy as recently as 1971 and have found that it is indeed real flesh and real blood.  The flesh is found to consist of the muscular tissues of the heart.  More information is here.

We hope this exhibit will help us all to grow in our appreciation and understanding of the Eucharist at Mass and in the chapel.  Every day, in a certain sense, a “miracle” happens at Mass when Jesus Christ Himself becomes present through the words of consecration.  The mystery of Christmas, the mystery of the Last Supper, the mystery of the Cross, and the mystery of the Resurrection are all made present.  These miracles displayed in the exhibit will help us grow in our understanding of the daily miracle.

The exhibit will include displays photographs and other information of 126 Eucharistic miracles that have happened around the world.

Please make plans to visit and stop by.  We will be advertising the exhibit to the parishes and people of our general area.


We hope to see you there.


Father Meyer


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