Hello all,

I hope you’re having a great week.  This past year, you may have noticed that we’ve updated a few features online.  We created a parish Facebook page, a Twitter account, an email mailing list, a school email list, a school Facebook page, updated our website, and more.  We still have a few bugs to work out so we are slowly implementing these features, but my hope is that we are now in a good position to use the latest methods of technology to communicate the great things happening in our parish and school and to keep you informed of what is happening.   My hope is that you’ll notice increased communication the weeks and months ahead as we start to use these features more regularly.  I will also include some of the online posts in the bulletin or summarize the latest news there.

For those of you who are not already signed up, here are the links to those particular areas of communication:

Parish email list sign-up, which includes the parish bulletin and the latest tweets sent weekly to your email.  If you just want a weekly summary of almost all of the news on the parish side, this is all you need:

School email list sign-up, which includes the weekly newsletter and classroom activities sent to your email:

Our Twitter Account.  This is where we will post links to blog posts and also announcements or time-sensitive matters.  The latest tweet is always displayed on our parish website.

Our Parish Facebook page.  The latest tweets are automatically sent to our Facebook page.  We will also post photos of parish events here.

Our School Facebook page.  This is regularly updated with the latest school news, photos, and activities.

Our website.  Of course, there is always our website too, which we try to keep updated with the latest parish and school news.

I hope all is well.

Father Meyer




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