Capital Campaign Update


Hello everyone,

I hope all is well with you. I wanted to write with an update on the capital campaign. Thank you again so much for your generosity and support of these important projects in our parish’s life. Again, your generosity was remarkable and greatly appreciated. The reason we were able to make our goal and beyond here at Saint Timothy’s in our pledges was the sacrifices of so many of you. It truly was a parish-wide effort.

As you know, we began work on the new school addition last fall. It is nearly complete now. Almost all of the interior work is finished. There are a few finishing touches to be completed on the interior and some additional work to be done on the exterior, but we hope to have the building inspector’s approval soon. Everything looks great, and we can’t wait to show it to all of you in a more formal way with an open house or something similar in the months ahead. The teachers will be moving into the new classrooms over the summer as well. The children have really enjoyed seeing it grow from a hole in the ground to a whole new addition, and we’re all excited to have more space and room for supporting the great work of the school and Catholic education. Thank you. Again, we will be having an event in the months ahead so that you can see the fruit of your generosity. Of course, the most important fruit will be the daily effects that it has on the lives of our students, teachers, and parish community in helping us to draw people closer to the Lord.

Many of you have asked about the church roof. This was the top priority expressed by many of you in our campaign research. I’m grateful to Don Rachel who has helped us obtain various bids and proposals for the church roof. We met with the finance council this week after reviewing the different options for materials. I received their advice and thoughts, and I will have more news to announce to you about this very soon, I hope. We hope to begin the project in the fall of this year. You will see scaffolding on the church during this time. With you, I’m excited to have this project underway. We are looking at having insulation added during this time as well, which is an added cost. In addition to its practical benefits, it will also help us make sure the roof is brand new in every aspect.

Since the equipment will be in place to fix the roof during this time, we are also hoping to address one of the campaign goals of pest control. While the equipment is there, this will be an opportune time to look at patching any holes and otherwise addressing areas where the bats or wasps might be entering the church. Again, I will have more information for you soon on the roofing project.

The final main goal of the capital campaign was to update our sound system in the parish. That will be addressed at a later date, since it was identified as not as urgent as some of the other needs, but I will eventually have more information for you in the time ahead.

Thank you again for all of your generosity, as you continue to fulfill your pledges. It is a great blessing for the parish and school community. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Father Meyer

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