An Update on the Church Roof Project


Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well.  As you know, replacing the church roof was one of the major projects outlined in the capital campaign.  In our feasibility study for the campaign, it was clear that, while the other projects were also important, fixing the church roof was the top priority for many of you.  I’m also grateful for all of the feedback on the roof that many of you gave during the capital campaign process.  The church is where we come together to pray, where God’s presence resides in a special way, and where many generations now have come to find peace, strength, and grace.  As you know, the roof has been leaking for many years.  During our most recent storms, there was water all over the pews and floor, highlighting the need for a fix.  Those who went before us made many sacrifices so that we could have a beautiful place where our hearts are naturally drawn to prayer, and I’m grateful to so many of you who made profound sacrifices in our campaign to keep that tradition alive.  I’m happy to say that we are getting close to having our roof replaced.

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A few years ago, we had an engineering firm come to review our facilities here at Saint Timothy’s, including the church, the school, and the rectory.  They made a number of recommendations.  Part of their recommendations, which came as no surprise to us, was to have the church roof replaced.  This confirmed, along with other roofing companies that would come later, that the roof does need a full replacement.

After the successful campaign, Don Rachel very generously gave his time to oversee the process to obtain bids, work with different companies, give feedback on materials, and be a liaison with the different roofing contractors.  Throughout this process, whether it was before the campaign so that we could have a sense of what the cost might be or after the campaign, we have received bids from seven companies.  Some were local and others were not.  Many companies offered us different bids based on different materials, so we were reviewing even more bids than that.

After reviewing the proposals, hearing the recommendations of the finance council, consulting with Don, considering what is best for our church in the long-term and what would be fitting for God’s house in its appearance and material, and much more, we decided to go with stone-coated, architectural metal roofing.  The metal will be steel, but the panels and tiles and shingles will be textured on top in a way that will give it an aesthetic and appearance fitting for a church.   To give you an idea of what it will look like, this is the same material on the church of Saint Joseph’s in Waconia, which used the same company that we will use.


I hope you will agree with me that the look is very nice.  It also has the durability and advantages of steel.  The roof will have a lifetime warranty.  We will also add insulation during this time, which we have not had until this point.  That will help us conserve energy and money in the long-term as well.  Our roof will be a sealed, new roof system.  They will take away the current tiles, remove the tarpaper, replace any rotten plywood underneath our current roof, and then add the new insulated roof.  We are very hopeful that this roof should last as long as our current roof did, if not longer.

We did also review a few different color options, including with the help of an architect.  After hearing those recommendations, we did decide to go with the same color as the one pictured, which will generally match the current color, so you shouldn’t notice too much of a change in color.  It will look different on our church than the one pictured, since our church’s brick is darker.  In general, you can expect the color to look the same as it currently does.

There are a few practical things that still need to happen before we can have a solid sense of timeline, but we are certainly expecting this to begin in early fall of this year.

It will be great to have our church roof fixed and to have such a durable, beautiful roof on our church for many years.  Again, thank you for your sacrifices to the capital campaign.  It is a great gift to the generations to come after us, Catholic or not, who will see the church and enter its doors and know of Christ’s presence in our town, our world, and our hearts.  I hope you have a great weekend ahead.

Father Meyer


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