An Update on Clergy for Both Parishes and More

Dear Parishioners of Saint Timothy’s and Saint Ignatius,

I hope that you are doing well, especially those who are understandably staying at home whom we haven’t been able to see for some time.  Know that our prayers and thoughts are with all of you.

I wanted to write to you today with an update on the clergy situation here at Saint Timothy’s and at Saint Ignatius.  I know that ever since Father Andrew left, many of you have been wondering what the plan is for clergy going forward at both parishes.  I am happy to be able to announce today that we do have an update for you.  In reality, this plan was in place for some time, before Father Andrew was re-assigned, but it was not able to be announced until now because of a number of details that needed to be addressed behind the scenes, as it involves a number of people.  I couldn’t announce it until we had something in writing.

We’ve been blessed for many years to have Monsignor Callaghan visit Saint Timothy’s and more recently Saint Ignatius as well.  As you know, Monsignor Callaghan is the Rector-Emeritus of Saint Paul Seminary, has a wealth of wisdom and experience from his time in Rome and with the Military Archdiocese and more, and most recently has served as the formator for the seminarians that were abroad for the Rome program.  Unfortunately, he will not be able to return to Rome in the fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  That unfortunate news is our gain, however, as Monsignor will serve at both parishes in a more extensive way than he has in the past for the months ahead.  This will be in addition to other responsibilities with the seminary and beyond.

I will continue to serve as pastor of both parishes and Monsignor will be of assistance at both parishes while continuing his work with the seminary.  I know we all appreciate his wisdom, his homilies, his presence and humor, and his joyful witness to the Gospel, among so much more.  I am also deeply grateful for his friendship personally and all of the counsel and support he has offered me over the years continuing today.

This will also involve one practical change and perhaps some more behind the scenes.  I have decided that we will move to the rectory at Saint Ignatius.  Partially, this is just a practical decision, as it was built more readily for two priests to live in community.  While not elaborate, it is large enough to accommodate two priests comfortably.  It will also allow the staff at Saint Timothy’s to have more of a sense of having their own office.  For both priests and staff, there can be some inconveniences about having the office in the same location as the home.

Beyond the practicalities, though, I am also hopeful that this will allow me to get to know the Saint Ignatius parish and Annandale community better.  I have lived in Maple Lake for eight and a half years and have been blessed to get to know so many of you in Maple Lake.  I look forward for this opportunity to continue to get to know and expand my pastoral experience in both of these parishes.

At the same time, owing to Saint Timothy’s school and the events and activities and the office at Saint Timothy’s, I look forward to continuing to have a strong pastoral presence in Maple Lake.  My hope is this move is one practical way to be present to both parishes.

I know Monsignor is looking forward to getting to know all of you even better in the months ahead.  We are blessed to have him and his wisdom and priestly witness here at both parishes.Let me know if you have any questions.  God bless.

Father Meyer

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