Amoris Laetitia or “The Joy of Love”


Hello all,

You might have read the headlines on Pope Francis’ latest letter “Amoris Laetitia”, which is Latin for “The Joy of Love”.

While I haven’t had the chance to read it in its entirety yet, it is clearly a powerful reflection on marriage, love, and family life.  While I know there are many demands on our time, maybe the husbands and wives and families of our parish can spend some time on this document for their “summer reading” and reflection.  The headlines have focused on the sensational or the potentially controversial, but the Holy Father clearly outlines the struggles, joys, and grace of living marriage and family life and offers some very practical advice.  The entire document is 234 pages long, but he invites married couples to focus especially on chapters four and five.  Here is the link to the full text:


I would invite us all to read and meditate with the text, as we’re able, especially as a family or married couple.  May God continue to bless the married couples and families of our parish, and, in our imperfections, sins, and difficulties within this vocation, serious or small, or even when it altogether seems to fail, may we know that God is always near to us with his loving presence and help.  Thank you to so many of you who live out this vocation to love.  Your witness is a blessing to the world.

Father Meyer


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