A Typical Wednesday at the Parish


Hello all,

I hope your week is going well.

  • Happy Feast day of Saints Simon and Jude.  We don’t know much about these two, but you can read a little here.  They were apostles.  Saint Simon was known as the “Zealot”.  He was zealous for the faith, but it likely also means that he was part of a group of people that wanted to overthrow the Romans by force before following Christ.  He used that zeal to preach the Gospel.  Saint Jude is the patron of saint of lost or desperate causes.  Perhaps we can ask his help for someone or some cause in a special way this day.
  • Today is a busy day but a typical Wednesday in the parish.  We have morning confessions and Mass, the Bible Study, youth group, and faith formation, in addition to the usual parish and school activities.
  • Speaking of morning Mass, this is a detail that I often take for granted now, but it is always amazing how many people we have at Saint Timothy’s for daily Mass.  It’s a great testament to your faith and your understanding of the Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith.  Visiting priests always remark at how surprised they are.  For those who may not know, while this is not an official count, I would guess that we generally have between 40-60 every day.  Thanks for prioritizing the Eucharist.
  • Speaking of the Eucharist, you have probably noticed the many open hours that we have for adoration.  Please prayerfully consider whether you can commit to an hour.  I am grateful to Peter and Anna Maria Jude for their leadership of adoration and for their commitment to prayer.  I’m also grateful to all those who take hours, and some of you take many, so that we can have an adoration chapel open 24/7.  We do need more adorers now.  We could all benefit from having at least one hour of peaceful quiet before the Lord.  You can take turns as a family or pray together as spouses.  There are always substitutes available.  During adoration, you can read the Bible, pray a rosary, read spiritual reading, say your prayers of petition, meditate and think in the presence of Jesus, pour out your heart before him, listen to what he has to say, and, more than anything, just be in his quiet, strong, loving presence.  Open hours include: Sunday 3am, 8am, 5pm; Tuesday 4am, 8pm; Wednesday 2am; Thursday 8am; Friday 8pm, 10pm; Saturday 4am, 2pm, 3pm, 9pm, 10pm.  As you can see, we can use your help.
  • I hope you’re enjoying the peaceful rain.  Unfortunately, we noticed more leaks again this morning in the church.  This would be a shameless plug for the capital campaign.  I’ll have more exciting news to report about the campaign this weekend.  Thanks for your support.
  • In case you missed the post yesterday, we now have the building permit for the school addition project.
  • I’ve checked with LifeTouch on the status of our directory.  The proof will ship to us on Tuesday, so we should be able to review it by the end of next week.  Again, we hope to have the directories to you before Christmas.
  • I look forward, among other things today, to visiting the afternoon and evening sessions of faith formation and teaching a portion of a few of the grades today.

I hope all is well.  See you soon.

Father Meyer

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