A Brief Update

Hello all,

I hope you are having a great week.  Here is a brief update on news around the parish:

  • The new parish directories have arrived.  We will begin distributing them to parishioners in the back of the church this weekend.  If you had your photo taken for the directory, you will receive a free copy.  If not or if you want an additional copy, we will be selling additional copies at a “First Come, First Serve” basis.  We’re excited to have a new directory for the parish.  There were a few formatting challenges, especially with some of the photos that were not taken through LifeTouch, but it will be a great help for getting to know the parish better and staying in communication.
  • There has been great progress on the school addition project.  More news will be shared soon.
  • Don’t forget to mark your calendars for March 8th and March 9th.  We will be hosting renowned scientist, Dr. John Jackson, and his wife, Rebecca, at Saint Timothy’s.  Dr. Jackson led the team that investigated the Shroud of Turn in 1979, is one of the few scientists to have been able to study it so closely and extensively, has been featured on CNN, the History Channel, and more, and has spent much of his life studying this potential burial cloth of Jesus.  Both presentations should be great.  One will be more on the devotional aspects of the Shroud and the other presentation will focus more on the science.  We will have more information for you soon.
  • Don’t forget to plan ahead for Sunday’s Mass and readings.  Pray with them here.
  • Have you been spending time with the Year of Mercy booklet or the Rediscover Jesus book?  Don’t forget to spend a few minutes each day in these or other small ways to grow in your faith.
  • Please pray for Paul Latour and Kaitlyn Jude who will be married at Saint Timothy’s on Saturday.
  • Towards the middle or end of January, you will begin receiving official reminders about your pledges for the capital campaign and we will begin to have our formal redemption process.  Thank you to those who have already begun to fulfill your pledges and thank you again for your generosity.
  • As always, there is much more happening behind the scenes but there is a brief update.  I hope all is well.

       Father Meyer

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