A Brief Update on Deacon Ron


Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re doing well.  Those of you who come to the 10:00 A.M. Mass will notice something different in the weeks and months ahead.  Deacon Ron will not be assisting at Mass in the short-term.  As some of you know, that is because he broke his femur on a recent fishing trip.  It was a very serious break that required surgery, removing various bone fragments, and putting in metal plates.  He is not allowed to walk on it even for a few weeks and then there will be further recovery and rehabilitation time.  He will be undergoing physical therapy and other treatments to help get back on his feet, moving and walking again.  We will miss his presence at the altar.  Please join me in praying for as quick and good of a recovery as possible.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend.

Father Meyer


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